About The United Group

The beginning to end recycler, transforming waste into opportunity.

What Sets Us Apart

There is a delicate balance between conservation and use. As the population grows — nearly 9 billion by 2050 — we must be more creative with how we steward the finite resources of our planet.

It isn’t enough to say you want to do the right thing. To imagine a future where we all offset our collective waste. At United Group our entire business model is based on stewardship. It has been since the family company was founded 27 years ago. You see for us, it’s personal.

We are driven to constantly look at what others see as waste and find opportunity in it. We wake up every morning convinced that a new idea, a new product made from waste coming off a recently demolished site or construction project can be transformed into something with more value and lasting staying power.

We take a holistic approach to recycling with a commitment to clean materials that add value in order to continually create new opportunities for our communities and our planet.

Where others see the end of a building or work site, we see a new landscape, safer roads, cleaner communities, and a healthier planet. Our innovation to create the cleanest, highest quality products is relentless. The beginning to end recycler, we are constantly looking for new ways to transform waste into opportunity.

Because in this world that we all share, we are on the front lines of striking that balance every day between what we use and what we conserve.

Serving Snohomish and King County Communities

Our business is based on stewardship of resources. While that is seen most readily in our environmental stewardship, our economic and community stewardship is equally as important to us.

As a locally owned, family company, everything we take in is local and everything we make stays in our community. Partnering with local vendors and hiring locally, we share our success with the communities we serve.

That also means in how we serve a variety of community clubs and local youth with scholarships for those interested in pursuing careers in construction.

For more than 25 years, we’ve lived out our values of stewardship not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because we all benefit when we work together. 

Green Building

Are you working on a LEED or Built Green job? Do you want the confidence that the waste from your project is being recycled at the highest rate possible and handled responsibly? We keep current with local recycling requirements and trends, as well as opportunities for our customers to achieve the most from their recycling efforts. Co-mingled or source separated materials, it does not matter. Let us help you with monthly reporting to achieve the highest levels of certification possible.

In addition, United Recycling & Container can help you earn credits on your project with recycled commodities like recycled concrete and asphalt.


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