Frequently Asked Questions

We realize there can be lots of questions related to container service and visiting our recycling facility. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you can’t find what you are looking for — please ask, we are here to help.


Do you have multiple locations?

Yes! Our container service allows us to effectively service customers across King and Snohomish Counties – we come to you. We operate from our recycling facility in the Maltby/Clearview area on the south side of Snohomish. Click here to see where we are located. You can also go to United Recycling Seattle located at 74 S. Hudson St.

Can anyone bring materials to your facility to recycle, or just businesses?

Both the general public and businesses can bring materials to our recycling facility.

When do you switch to/from your summer business hours?

We are open on Saturdays from late spring to early fall – please feel free to call ahead to confirm (360-668-4300). If you have a large project or special request for service outside of our current operating hours, please contact us.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Homeowners and the general public may pay by cash, check or credit card. Business customers may open an account or pay by cash, check or credit card.

Do you have pricing on your website?

There are many variables involved with container service and recycling various materials. Please contact us and we are happy to provide pricing specific to your project.

Do you sell materials?

Yes!  Because we process materials at our recycling facility, we are able to offer crushed concrete and asphalt (1-1/4” minus, 2”-4” and 4”-8”), organic hog fuel, dark mulch and 3-way topsoil to local businesses. There is a 6 yard minimum for material being picked up. If we are providing container service for a customer, we can haul materials to their job site at a reduced rate, otherwise an hourly trucking fee will apply. We are not able to service residential customers at this time (see below).

Can I purchase topsoil or dark mulch for my yard?

Residential customers can purchase topsoil and dark mulch through Clearview Nursery & Stone. Clearview Nursery & Stone offers various types of landscape materials including rocks, flagstone, dark mulch, topsoil and more. They can deliver to your home or job site, or you can visit their yard to pick up materials.

Do you provide curbside pick-up of appliances?

We do not provide curbside pick-up, however United Metals pays you to recycle your appliances (drained of any liquids) at their recycling facility.

Do you provide certified weight tickets?

Yes, we operate a certified 90 foot scale and can provide certified weight tickets. Please feel free to call us at 360-668-4300 to confirm our hours and that our scale will fit your needs.


Do we need to sort our construction debris (wood, cardboard, metal, drywall, plastics) prior to hauling it (or having you haul it) to your recycling facility?

We process and sort all materials at our permitted recycling facility in Snohomish. There are many variables to consider (your time, the amount of space available on your job site, the quantity of materials, training team members, etc.). Some customers choose to sort their construction debris (it is cheaper to recycle if it is sorted), but it is not required.

Do you recycle metal?

Yes, please visit our partner website, United Metals, to see a list of accepted metals. For pricing or to request a container for your scrap metal, please call 360-668-7355. United Metals is located at the South side of our facility at 18827 Yew Way, Snohomish, WA 98296.

Do you accept dirt?

Typically, we do not accept dirt. Please call our office at (360) 668-4300 prior to coming to our facility to inquire, as we handle this on a case-by-case basis.

Do you pay cash for cardboard?

We accept flattened cardboard at our facility for free.

Do you recycle railroad ties?

Unfortunately, there is not a market for recycled railroad ties, so we are not able to accept them at this time.

Do you recycle tires?

Our processing facility is not currently set-up to accept or recycle tires.  However, there are facilities that specialize in recycling tires.

Do you accept composition roofing?

Yes, composition roofing is accepted at our recycling facility if it is in a United Recycling container. At this time we cannot accept composition roofing that contractors or homeowners haul in their own trucks and equipment.

Do you accept carpet and insulation?

In order to maintain the highest level (90% plus) of materials being recycled at our facility, we are not currently able to accept loads of solely carpet or insulation. If there happens to be carpet or insulation mixed in with other demolition materials (known as co-mingled demo), we will accept it.

Do you accept wood that has already been chipped?

We accept brush, stumps, logs and other landscape materials. We cannot accept wood that has already been chipped, in case there are foreign materials mixed in with it. For example, if there was metal accidentally mixed in, it could cause significant damage to our machinery.

The home we are remodeling was built pre-1950's and we are concerned about asbestos and lead paint from the kitchen remodel. Will you accept demolition debris from the renovation project?

Please consult the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency to research and understand your responsibilities prior to a renovation or demolition project. We will need a copy of your permit from the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency prior to accepting materials from your project.

What if there are hazardous materials mixed in with demolition debris?

We are unable to accept hazardous materials whether or not they are separate or mixed in with other debris. Please explore the resources offered by Snohomish County and King County to find a location to properly dispose of hazardous waste materials.


Terms & Conditions

United Recycling & Container
The following are our monthly Charge Account Terms and Credit Policy:
1.Our terms are Net 15 days. Invoices are issued weekly, unless otherwise approved by United Recycling & Container. All invoices must be paid within 15 days of the invoice date. 2. Accounts are considered DELINQUENT if payment has not been received in our office by the 16th day following the invoice date. 3. Accounts delinquent 60 days from the date of invoice are subject to a 1.5% finance charge ($5.00 minimum fee) each month thereafter until the invoices are paid in full. Further, the account will be on a ‘CASH’ basis for all future purchases until the past due invoices are paid in full. 4. The customer is responsible to pay for any collection and/or legal fees incurred to collect on delinquent accounts. 5. NSF/Returned checks are subject to a $30 handling charge. We require that NSF checks be replaced with cash, a money order or a cashier’s check. 6. Requests for copies of statements or invoices should be made promptly so that payment is not delayed. Missing invoices are not considered a valid reason for late payment. 7. Lack of purchase order or job numbers does not affect these Terms, Conditions and Credit Policy. 8. All inquiries regarding statements or billing problems should be directed to us at
(360) 668-4300 or
9. Containers not serviced for 14 days are subject to a $20 per day rental fee unless otherwise quoted.
DEMOLITION/RENOVATION All projects that include the renovation or demolition of a structure require an asbestos survey and subsequent “Clean Air” permit from the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency. Please refer to the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency website ( for further clarification.
CONTAMINATED LOADS United Recycling & Container accepts loads of 90%+ recyclable material which include, but is not limited to, construction and demolition debris, broken concrete and asphalt, clean wood, flattened cardboard, plastics, gypsum, metal and brush/landscape debris. United Recycling & Container cannot accept or transport household garbage, tires, treated wood, paints, oils, solvents, railroad ties, asbestos materials, monitors, TV’s or other items not deemed “recyclable”. If these items are discovered in a load (either hauled by the customer or in our container), we will ask you to remove the items and/or your invoice will reflect a surcharge indicating the amount found.
CONTAINER SERVICE If you have requested Container Service, United Recycling & Container agrees to set a container
at your (customer) site, pick up the container and recycle the materials at our recycling facility. The customer accepts full responsibility for any and all damage to the container that may occur while at the customer site. Customer agrees to hold United Recycling & Container harmless for any damage or injuries that may occur to property, buildings, or persons as a result of a container being set and/or picked up at a customer site. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that there is clear access to the container, so that the driver can safely load/unload the container on/off the truck. Customer also agrees that United Recycling & Container may lien the property pursuant to RCW Section 60.04. Additional charges due to exceeding the rental period, rush orders, damage, or any other charge or additional work may be added to the billing.
CONTAINER SAFETY For the safety of our customers and their staff, as well as our drivers, please do not overload the container. To comply with Washington State Department of Transportation, the material may not stick up above the top rim or weigh more than 12 tons (or 24,000 pounds). Also, the rear doors of the container must be closed and lockable when United Recycling & Container arrives to remove the container. If you are concerned about the weight of the items you need to place in the container, or if you need an additional container(s) to accommodate your materials, please call United Recycling & Container at 360-668-4300.
DISPUTES AND REMEDIES If a dispute cannot be resolved between the parties, then either party may file suit in an appropriate court of jurisdiction in Snohomish County. If suit is filed in Superior Court, the dispute will be decided according to the mandatory arbitration rules of Snohomish County, regardless of the amount in dispute, and each party expressly waives the dollar limits currently in effect according to the mandatory arbitration rules of Snohomish County. If any dispute arises between the parties, the parties shall make a good faith effort to meet in person and resolve the dispute without resorting to litigation or arbitration. It is a condition precedent to asserting any claim or counterclaim in any litigation or arbitration proceeding that the claiming party first allege and prove that it presented its claim in writing to the other party prior to filing a lawsuit or the appointment of the arbitrator. The arbitrator shall have authority to determine the amount, validity, and enforcement of a lien. The parties shall each waive their right to file any appeal for a trial de novo in Superior Court and should agree to accept the arbitrator’s award as final and binding. If a dispute occurs and either party incurs legal expenses, including the cost of an arbitration proceeding, the prevailing party shall be awarded its cost and attorney’s fees. If a court finds any provision of these terms and conditions invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of these terms and conditions shall be interpreted so as best to effect the intent of the parties.
GUARANTY In consideration of the future extension of credit in connection with the sale of goods by Topsoils, Inc., d/b/a United Recycling & Container, referred to herein as “Creditor” to, applicant, referred to herein as “Purchaser,” the undersigned, in his or her individual and personal capacity, referred to herein as “Guarantor,” hereby: 1.Guarantees jointly, severally and unconditionally, the payment of all amounts which are now or which may become due to Creditor, its successors and assigns, from Purchaser for goods or services sold; these amounts may be referred to herein as the “Purchaser’s Indebtedness.” 2.Waives demand, protest, presentment, and notices of all kinds, including, without limitation,
notice of acceptance of this Guaranty: extension of credit to the Purchaser; extension of time for the payment or renewal of any part or all of the Purchaser’s Indebtedness; presentment, protest, and non-payment of any bills, checks, trade acceptances, notes, or other instruments evidencing Purchaser’s Indebtedness; any demand made by Creditor upon Purchaser; and any default, insolvency, or bankruptcy of Purchaser. 3. Consents to the extension of time for payment or renewal of any part or all of Purchaser’s Indebtedness and to the receipt by Creditor of any collateral, security, or guaranties of any kind from others for the payment of any part or all of the Purchaser’s Indebtedness. 4.Subordinates to Creditor’s claims against the Purchaser all amounts at any time owing by Purchaser to Guarantor; this subordination shall not be deemed to prevent Purchaser from paying any amounts owing to Guarantor so long as Purchaser is solvent and able to pay debts as they mature, but shall be effective only in the event of insolvency, bankruptcy, or receivership of Purchaser or any assignment by Purchaser for the benefit of creditors, in any of which events Creditor, to the extent necessary to satisfy Purchaser’s Indebtedness, shall be entitled to the share of any dividend payments otherwise payable to Guarantor. 5. Agrees that it shall not be a condition precedent to any of the liabilities of Guarantor hereunder or to the enforcement of any rights by Creditor that a remedy be pursued or any other action be taken against Purchaser, its property, or any other collateral, security, or guaranty. 6. Agrees that, should legal action be taken to enforce this Guaranty, Guarantor will pay reasonable attorney fees incurred in connection with the collection of all monies due plus all court costs and fees, and agrees that the venue of any suit brought to collect under this agreement will be in Snohomish County, Washington. 7. Agrees that this Guaranty shall continue until terminated by written notice sent by registered or certified mail to Creditor at 18827 Yew Way, Snohomish, WA 98296, effective thirty (30) days after receipt thereof; termination, however, shall not affect the liability of the undersigned for the payment of any indebtedness incurred by Purchaser prior to the date of termination. 8. Agrees that the sale of goods by Creditor to Purchaser on credit terms shall constitute an acceptance of and adequate consideration for the provisions hereof. By my signature below, I acknowledge I have the legal authority to sign this Guaranty
In Addition:
– Loads over 13 tons will be charged an additional $100/ton, in addition to the initial expected rate of materials involved. Overweight loads that cannot be picked up will be charged a dry run charge of $220.
– A $105/hr. fee will be included to extended onsite driver wait times. Wait times of 15 minutes or less will not be charged a fee.
– A $105/hr. fee will be included towards the labor of ensuring loads are not over height. Loads that do not require further attention by the driver, upon pickup will not be charged a fee.
Loads that cannot be reduced safely by the driver, will be charged a dry run fee until the customer reduces the load below the top rail.
Our goal at United Recycling is to inform and educate, so that these charges are not applied, and that our drivers are kept safe, and our equipment functioning.
These fees will only be added if the above criteria are NOT met.


Customer Delivery Check List


  • Low clearances – trucks are 13’6” at their tallest. Tree branches, power and utility lines, overhangs for buildings, etc.
  • 10’ width needed for truck and container access to a job site. Tight corners might impede trucks ability to access a job site. Corners require more than 14’ to maneuver through.
  • 10’x24’ relatively flat area required for container placement with 50’ in front to unload a container from a truck.
  • Containers cannot be placed near power or utility lines or on top of underground utilities.
  • Trucks cannot back or place containers on stamped concrete or paver driveways without customer accepting responsibility for potential damage.
  • Our trucks are very heavy. Weak or previously cracked driveways may incur more damage after or during access to a job site. A signed waiver will be needed prior to accessing.
  • Containers overloaded (by weight) or loaded above top rail will not be picked up until corrected to the appropriate level by the customer. A standby charge may be accrued or a dry run charge if driver leaves and must come back later. (see terms and conditions)
  • Containers scheduled for pick up must have clear approach and access to the front of the container.
  • Soft or wet ground may not be assessable by the trucks. Trucks forced to retrieve cans from unimproved areas that get stuck may pass through a tow charge to the customer.
  • Newly installed rock drives for access to job site may be too soft for truck access.
  • Containers cannot be loaded while still on a truck; must be on the ground.

I _________________________ have read and agree to adhere to the requirements listed in the “Terms and Conditions” and “Customer Delivery Checklist”. By signing, I accept responsibility for any damages to the property or job site upon receiving service from United Recycling and Container.

How much notice is required to have a container delivered?

New customers need to fill out paperwork to establish your account in our system. Once that is complete, depending on the season and demand for our container service, we can typically have a container delivered in 24-48 hours. Planning ahead is always best and most cost effective, however, we understand that sometimes priorities and needs change at the last minute. We always do our best to accommodate your needs!

How will we know when the container will be delivered?

Our dispatcher will communicate with you to confirm the date/time for delivery of the container. Because we use a real-time dispatching system, we can see the location of all of our trucks, enabling us to provide more accurate estimations of arrival.

Can you provide dumpsters for garbage for our site, as well as the containers for recyclable materials?

We specialize in recycling and therefore provide containers for recycling only.

Can you help load the container at our site?

All containers have doors that open at one end, making loading much simpler. We provide drop off and pick up of the container, however all loading must be handled by you. In addition, at delivery we place wood boards under the container to protect the concrete/asphalt. At pick-up, we pick up the boards and sweep the area where the container was placed, to ensure we leave the area clean.

How high can we load the container?

Please only load to the top edge of your container. Also, the weight of the material you load into the container should not exceed 10 tons or 20,000 lbs (no matter the size of the container). If over-loading occurs (in either weight or quantity), additional charges may be assessed. If unsafe or over weight, the container will need to be unloaded by the customer, so that it is safe before we will remove it.

How long can we keep the container at our site?

We will work with you to schedule the delivery and pick-up of the container(s) to maximize the efficiency of your project. If you need the container for more than 2 weeks, additional charges may apply. Please contact us prior to scheduling the container to discuss any special requirements you may have.

Will the container damage the concrete/asphalt where it is placed?

It is always helpful to have clear instructions from our customers on where they want the container placed. Upon arrival, our driver will inspect the area where the container will be placed and take photos prior to unloading the container. The driver will also place wood boards on the ground, so the container is not placed directly on the concrete/asphalt. Similarly, when we pick-up the container, we re-inspect the concrete/asphalt and take additional photos to ensure the integrity of the area.

Do we need a permit for having a container on our site?

Some cities or towns require a permit for containers when they are placed on a public street. Please check with your local municipality. It is the customer’s responsibility to abide by the rules in their location and pay for any necessary permits. For more information, please visit our Helpful Links page.