A great person attracts great people and knows how to hold them together.

— Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

This week at The United Group, we recognize and celebrate our workers in the recycling industry. These individuals work hard and are dedicated to creating new opportunities for our communities in Washington.

From recycle sorters to scale clerks, every role and responsibility in The United Group factors on the success of recycling building material.
As members of the construction and landscaping industry, we can change the impact building materials create on the environment substantially, by creating quality recycled product.

Our Workers at The United Group

The role of a recycler sorter identifies and assorts product that are deemed non-hazardous, uncontaminated material. They work tirelessly, in all types of weather, sorting product to ensure material is ready for processing. This role is not considered a single-man/woman job, rather a group of individuals who work as a team with the same goal in mind. Our metals team is knowledgeable and has the proper equipment to load and haul large metal items to our scrap yard in Snohomish. They are determined to create optimal metal recycling as we let no material go to waste. As our building materials are processed through operations, our truck driver’s role is showcased. Truck driver’s handle distribution of the recycled products from the yards and deliver bulk product to commercial customers for their upcoming construction or landscaping project. In addition, our truck drivers are involved with container services, blower truck services, and dump truck delivery services.

The United Group Team

We are fortunate to have over a hundred hard-working employees within our divisions: United Recycling & Container, United Recycling Seattle, United Metals, United Recycling & Organics, and Clearview Nursery & Stone.

We are Hiring

Our people are what have always made us stand out, not just this week of Waste and Recycling Workers Week but always. Our benefits are ever-expanding, with our new Wellness Program and other exciting efforts in the works. The United Group is constantly looking for dedicated, enthusiastic individuals to join us.

Open Positions:

Blower Truck Technician
• Recycling Sorter
• Heavy Equipment Operator
• Class A/B Driver
• CDL Blower Truck Driver
• Class A CDL Driver

Let us hear from you!

We believe in opportunity for our people and the environment. For more information about The United Group, visit our About page or feel free to connect with us through our Contact page.