If you want grown-ups to recycle, just tell their kids the importance of recycling, and they’ll be all over it.


A group of special visitors toured The United Group and Clearview Nursery & Stone last month.

Kids N Us Early Learning Center received a bus tour of the Snohomish yard from Seth and Bruce. The fifteen children enjoyed learning about the recycling process and observing the action right in front of them. They got to explore the sorting, mulch, and metals yard as Seth and Bruce explained each operation and the finished product of repurposed materials. Once finished at the yard, kids went over to Clearview Nursery & Stone where the team hosted an afternoon picnic. Kids had the opportunity to explore the machinery, enjoy the fish in the pond, ate pizza and plenty of snacks while soaking in the sunshine.

Why Children Should Learn About Recycling

“King County residents and businesses recycle 54 percent of all solid waste generated, yet 70 percent of what is still landfilled could have been reused, recycled or composted.”, according to King County Solid Waste Division. Educating the youth on the importance of recycling allows them grow up with an awareness of turning unwanted resources into opportunity. Schools teach children recycling etiquette, however seeing the actual process and outcome of recycling material demonstrates a greater influence. 


Visit our Recycling Center

Bring your children on the next visit with us at our Snohomish or Seattle yard. The in-person experience is unlike any other. Seeing materials collected, sorted, and piled brings the practice of recycling to life – leaving an everlasting impression.

We hope to have more opportunities like this one to educate the youth community.

Statistical source: https://kingcounty.gov/~/media/depts/dnrp/solid-waste/greenschools/documents/fast-facts-wrr.ashx?la=en

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