The United Group has recently created a wellness program in order to boost company culture and combat fatigue, a common issue seen in the construction industry. Human Resources has started programs like massage therapy, catered lunches and employee engagement events including friendly competitions and contests.

“We care about our employees, and we want to help them improve their health. A chair massage can help them relax their muscles in their upper body and have a calming moment while at work,” said Maria Uribe, human resources administrator. “We will be trying to expand our wellness program. We have a lot of different ideas that we will want to implement soon.”

The massages have been the most popular. Performed by Rachael Kaulfuss, licensed massage practitioner, she mentions that stress reduction and blood flow to the muscles is super important in physically demanding jobs like the line workers and mechanics at The United Group. While folks can’t get massages all the time, she suggests stretching and yoga as those activities promote the same proper body mechanics and help lengthen the muscles.

The folks who have received the massages are very thankful and appreciative, happy that The United Group is offering this benefit. “No complaints yet!” joked Kaulfuss.