With wood waste making up around 40% of the infeed to mixed C&D recycling facilities, we see a lot of it! In 2020, The United Group took in over 100,000 tons of clean and mixed wood debris. But where does it all go? Well at least part of it is turned into the twelve organics products that are created in-house by United Recycling & Organics (URO), a division of The United Group. Let’s look at the processes by which URO creates these mulches and topsoil like Clearview Red and Dark Mulch.

To produce our Clearview Red Mulch which is only created by URO and lasts two-to-three times longer than competitors, we use clean, recycled wood – either the product is dropped off clean or in mixed debris, like what you see in our red containers. The wood then goes to our Snohomish or Seattle plants and is hand sorted and placed into a separate pile.

Once these piles get big enough, it’s time to move, grind and color! URO does this quarterly and produces thousands of yards of mulch at a time. With the assistance of our state of the art equipment, URO grinds it down to obtain the highest quality. During grinding, it’s sized down to what you see at our Clearview Nursery and the natural, mineral dye is added to produce that rich red that’s unique to Clearview. It’s an excellent bark substitute, with the benefits of bark but keeping its color longer. It also has outstanding weed control and slope retention.

For our Dark Mulches, recycled brush like trees or branches are used, giving it a more earthy, softer, nutrient-rich feel. The brush is delivered to our Snohomish facility and ground in to a pile. It ages to a dark, rich color achieving the highest craftmanship of the product. Once it reaches those standards, it’ll be processed into Wood Chip Mulch, Dark Mulch or Double Screened Dark Mulch. These are great for dressing beds as well as weed and erosion control or as a bark alternative.

The high demand for quality landscaping mulches and topsoil means we’ve more than doubled our production rates since 2020 and produced over 10,000 yards in March of 2021 alone! To find out more information or to book a delivery and application, head on over to unitedrecyclingco.com/services/blower-truck-service/.