Materials Available

Soil Mixes

3-Way Topsoil – ⅔ Sandy Loam ⅓ Aged Mulch
All-purpose topsoil for a variety of projects. Some uses include lawn, sod, hydroseeding, and gardening.

3 Way Topsoil

Premium Topsoil – ½ Sandy Loam ½ Aged Mulch
Topsoil with higher mulch content to help retain moisture and provide nutrients. Some uses include gardening, seeding lawns, sod, and hydroseeding.

Premium Topsoil

Wintermix – ⅓ Sandy Loam, ⅓ Sand, & ⅓ Aged Mulch
Topsoil with higher sand content to encourage better drainage. Works well in areas that get a lot of moisture. Some uses include hydroseeding, seeding lawns, and gardening.

Wintermix Soil

*Specialty mixes available upon request



Dark Mulch – Recycled brush & stumps, all screened to 1” minus and aged to a dark color
Mulching helps prevent erosion, provides moisture retention, and adds nutrients. Some uses include top dressing garden beds, erosion control, and amending existing soil.

Dark Mulch

Double Screened Dark Mulch –
Dark mulch rescreened to a ½” minus for an extra fine texture. Provides a nice manicured look for top dressing garden beds and helps retain moisture. Can be used as a soil amendment or help prevent erosion.

Double Screened

Wood Chip Mulch – Recycled brush & stumps, all aged and screened to 3” minus
Some uses include erosion control, weed suppression, and moisture retention. Can be used in muddy areas or for pathways.

Wood Chip Mulch

DOT Wood Chip Mulch –
Wood chip mulch screened to meet WSDOT specifications.

Clearview Red Mulch – Medium bark substitute made from clean recycled lumber and screened to 3” minus
Color enriched mulch to dress garden beds, suppress weeds, and help retain moisture. This mulch is designed to hold a consistent color that won’t fade. Clearview Red is safe for plants, pets, and children.

Clearview Red

Hog Fuel – Clean mixed species, brush, & stumps
Some uses include temporary road base, erosion control, and pathways.

Hog Fuel

Hem/Fir Fines – 100 % Recycled hemlock fir screened to ½” minus
Some uses include sawdust substitute and potting mix additive.

Hem Fir Fines


Recycled Concrete – 1.25” Minus
Great for road base, driveways, and compactable backfill.

Recycled Asphalt – 1.25” Minus
Excellent for driveways

*Other aggregate products available upon request


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