Mulching in Fall Season

Fall season is in full swing and no doubt a little later than usual – the high 70-degree weather in mid-October occupied the idea that we were still in summer (no complaints over here given it rains most of the year in Western Washington). Nevertheless, the temperature has officially dropped, and leaves are falling to the ground. While you probably ventured in significant landscaping projects during summer and consider yourself done until next year, there are still great benefits for treating your garden in the fall season.

Benefits to Applying Mulch this Season

If you have been debating on mulching your garden this fall and are unsure if you should, the answer is: yes. There are benefits to mulching this season.

Several reasons why you should mulch gardens during fall:

• Erosion control
• Sustains and protects perennials
• Suppresses weeds
• Locks in moisture levels during cold weather transitions

How Much Mulch Should You Buy?

The amount of mulch you will need depends on the areas you want covered and how much mulch you have at your disposal. A strong layer of mulch, about four inches, will support the soil structure, keep weeds at bay and regulate moisture. Our virtual yardage calculator can assist with how much material you will need.

Type of Mulches

Finding the right kind of mulch for your garden can be confusing as there is a vast array of mulches such as: organic and inorganic. Organic mulches include compost, wood chips, grass clippings, and hog fuel. Inorganic mulches include plastic, slate chips, and gravel. At United Recycling & Organics, mulches are produced in-house made from recycled materials dropped off at our Snohomish yard through our sister company, United Recycling and Container.

A list of classic mulch staples thoroughly enjoyed by our community:

Not only do we offer a variety of mulches, but we also offer seamless mulch application using our blower truck services.

Still unsure what mulch is the best fit for your garden? No problem! Our organics experts can assist you in the process. Contact us!

Happy Fall!

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