Committed to stewardship. Driven by hope.

At The United Group our entire business model is based on stewardship. It has been since the family company was founded in 1995. For us, it’s personal.

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United Recycling & Container

Construction container and recycling C&D material. Diversion reporting available

United Recycling Seattle

Recycling C&D debris for the Seattle area

United Metals

Buying metal and getting money back in your pocket

United Recycling & Organics

Quality clean products made from recycled material

What We Take

As the end-to-end recycler, we take a holistic approach to recycling with a commitment to clean materials that add value in order to continually create new opportunities for our communities and our planet.

Starting with Construction Debris Disposal, we do everything from scrap recycling to high-end nursery products. We look creatively at every product coming in. As the beginning to end recycler, we offer more services than our competitors combined. Our reputation for our products is that it is clean. Customers trust us because we are selective about what we turn into products such as mulch and multiple kinds of topsoil.

What We Sell

We create 12 different products from different materials that come into our facilities – including construction debris. The only company in the area creating recycled bark alternative, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to turn waste into opportunity, including a new organics line that is quickly growing in popularity.

But more than the innovation behind the products we make, we are known for our quality, our service and our honesty. At The United Group, there are no surprises. We are a highly organized team dedicated to serving the region with the largest fleet of container trucks in the Puget Sound. As experts, we are always willing to offer advice and counsel on projects as a trusted, reliable resource.

Because in this world that we all share, we are on the front lines of striking that balance every day between what we use and what we conserve.

Recycled Concrete and Asphalt

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Whether you need a container or have questions about the materials we accept. United Recycling takes pride in the recycling service and customer service we provide. We look forward to hearing from you!