Different Organics and What They Mean

Like tea leaves or tarot cards, the same can be said about what type of organic you choose. These products from Clearview Nursery & Stone and United Recycling & Organics can you give insight into your personality.  

3-Way Topsoil: Like the Premium Topsoil, you are two birds of a feather. Down-to-earth, however on the quieter side, you enjoy the simpler things in life. A home body at heart, you’re happiest in your element. The 3-Way Topsoil is the same, laying low in your yards and gardens while providing nutrients for those around it to flourish.

Clearview Red: A loud personality but the need for security and stability, you plan for the future while also living in the present. With 2-3x longer life than competitors, Clearview Red does too. Your extraverted attitude means people flock to you and stay when they realize how reliable, yet fun, you are. 

Dark Mulch: The Dark Mulch fan sticks with the rich familiar, why try and reinvent the wheel? It’s classy without being pretentious. It’s a reliable, yet sometimes muted, the beautifier that accents the personality you let shine through.

Double-Screened Dark Mulch: Again, you enjoy the finer things in life. This 1/2” minus screened mulch provides an air of elegance to your landscape while serving a utilitarian purpose. If 3-Way Topsoil is the Carhartt of organics, the Double-Screened is the Chanel, timeless and classic.

Play Chips: Curious and energetic, you enjoy your surroundings and being in constant touch. Freedom, playfulness and having an imaginative spirit make you the life of the party. You might be accident prone by always living in the moment, but it can’t stop you from having fun.    

Premium Topsoil: Similar to the 3-Way Topsoil, you’re two birds of a feather. Deeply pragmatic, practical and well-grounded, you harvest the fruits of your labor and use products like the Premium Topsoil as a reliable choice for planting vegetable gardens and raised beds. People look up to you and come to you for advice and truth. 

Wintermix: A hard exterior but a soft personality that you allow for very few to see. Like the Wintermix, you can weather anything (pun intended) while being the calm in the storm and making sure things work out. People rely on you and you bring out a sense of security in others.

Wood Chip Mulch: You. Are. Assertive. And determined, decisive and resourceful, researching the answer until finding the truth. That’s why you go for wood chip mulch, an honest, fair product that’s easy to use and great for erosion control, pathways, and muddy areas. You also meet DOT specifications, just like wood chip mulch.

While these may be speculative, one thing we do know is that the people who use these products care about the earth and being sustainable using recycled products!