United Recycling & Container's Commitment to Local Historical Preservation

February 18, 2021

The Stanwood Area Historical Society (SAHS) is one of the focal points of the community and life in Stanwood, a town of 7,000. It is a block of blue gray buildings and historical residences that host exhibits, war memorials and holiday events for its residents, that preserve their rich history. After COVID took away any chance for income that SAHS could make from their event space rentals at the Floyd Norgaard Cultural Center the society’s budget has been running low and couldn’t allow for this house removal. The house next to the Floyd had been a vacant residence in severe disrepair and long planned to be removed by SAHS, in hopes of improving the historical society facilities to better serve their mission.

SAHS member Les Anderson was able to bring together the right businesses willing to help at the right time. “This house demolition donation will make it easier to expand in the future” said Les Anderson, and is necessary because the Society wants to keep our options open for this property site. Omni Contracting Solutions donated the demolition, with The United Group, a local recycling conglomerate hauling the material to their yard for recycling and repurposing, while Lenz Enterprises took the old concrete and provided back fill material for the hole left from the house removal. With so much potential created by freeing up this space, SAHS is appreciative of the donors for their commitment to the Stanwood community and SAHS.

For The United Group, sustainability and preservation go hand in hand with their holistic recycling culture. To donate their products and time was a no brainer. The materials were shipped down to their Snohomish location for further processing and sorting into landscape or construction materials that will help beautify and build local communities just like Stanwood. “Finding a recycler interested in making use of the construction materials was a surprise benefit to the community and our historical district,” said Karen Prasse, president of SAHS.

To continue support for SAHS, please visit: https://www.sahs-fncc.org/?page_id=40