Construction & Demolition Debris

Finding Value in all C&D debris

Construction & Demolition Debris – Construction Recycling

Construction and demolition make up a large amount of material that could possibly end up in the landfill. Construction and demolition debris can create up to 530 million tons a year. That leaves a lot of material that could be recycled rather than fill up a landfill.

The United Group has crafted a holistic approach to keeping construction and demolition out of the landfill. Construction recycling has value. While some see waste, we see recycled material like mulch to put back into your yards. No matter the products, we are constantly innovating to find a way to recycle it.

We accept a multitude of material such as an entire home as well as new construction. Starting with dirt work all the way through foundation, framing, drywall and finishes.

We take construction and demolition recycling seriously. The harder we work to recycle the less that ends up in the landfill.

We do not take hazardous material such, asbestos, cans with paint, and tanks. If you are unsure about a material you have, give our sales team a call.


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