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Unidentified Scrap Object


USO Reveal: World’s Fair Tray

We are a little late to the party! Our object reveal is coming in a few days after a very busy, and seemingly short, April. But we are back! Back to bring you the reveal of the Unidentified Scrap Object. If you have not seen our last post, this is the time to go check […]

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construction and demolition recycling

USO Reveal: Helixophile?

  You never know what you will find in a recycling facility. We get in construction and demolition recycling, so many times that means entire homes. Homes always have a history, even when they are sitting in a recycling facility. That is why each month we bring you a new cool object we found in […]

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USO: Scrap holds on

Welcome back to September’s Unidentified Scrap Object blog! We have all kinds of interesting and odd things come into our scrap yard every day. Each month we show you our new cool object we found. If you have seen one of our USO blogs before, you can check more out here. This month is no exception! […]

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C&D Recycling

USO: C and D Recycling more than you think

  Welcome back to another installment in the Unidentified Scrap Object monthly blog. Never seen one of our Unidentified Scrap Object blogs before? No problem! Check out our past one here. Each month we will bring you an interesting object we find in our scrap yard. And while we get mostly C and D recycling, this often […]

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REVEAL: Vintage Camera’s light

Scrapping has always had a history of turning up interesting odds and ends. Our scrap yard is no exception. We get scrap from all over the county, as well as surrounding counties. The amount of interesting objects we find is endless. Last week we posted a snippet of our unidentified object. You can find that […]

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Scrap Metal

USO: Scrap Metal’s bright light

Our scrap yard is a hot bed for lost treasures. Each month we are bringing you the coolest thing we found. This month our item is one of my favorites. People from all over bring us scrap metal, which often includes some pretty spectacular things. You can always find a story in Scrap Metal. Each […]

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USO REVEAL! Scrap is a bright idea

Unidentified Scrap Object Reveal! Welcome to February! Yes, I know, I am late getting the Unidentified Scrap Object reveal to you, but to say things have been busy would be an understatement. But have no fear! I have not abandoned you and today we reveal what the USO from last week is. Scroll down to find […]

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Same Scrap Yard, New Year

Same Scrap Yard New Year Welcome to the New Year! We hope you all had a great and safe New Years and a productive first month of 2016. We are excited to show you our first Unidentified Scrap Object from our scrap yard for 2016.   With the New Year we have gotten a whole […]

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USO: Reveal – A hot Antique

Welcome back! We hope you all had an amazing Holiday. We are happy to welcome you back with the USO reveal. This time we have one hot antique to show you. If you have not seen our previous post you can find it HERE. Each month we will bring you a snippet of picture of […]

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