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USO: Scrap killed the Radio Star

Snohomish Scrap Metal USO!    Welcome back from the holiday weekend! I hope everyone had a wonderful turkey day. I know I am still feeling the food hangover. Monday mornings are hard enough, let alone the one that follows a holiday weekend!   Let’s get to it, shall we. It is time to reveal the […]

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Scrap metal

USO: Scrap metal Mysteries

And we are back! It’s time for the Unidentified Scrap metal object again! If you did not get a chance to see last month’s USO, take a look HERE. Each month we bring you the best finds from our scrap metal yard, and have you try to guess what they are! This month’s scrap metal […]

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United Recycling- USO

USO: Finding gems in Metal Recycling

  It is time again! This month’s Unidentified Scrap Object! Each month we will post a picture that is a fraction of the cool object we found this month in our yard. When it comes to metal recycling, or scrapping, people bring in all kinds of interesting things. These objects have lost their appeal to […]

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Recycling Unidentified Scrap Object

USO: Recycling metal or antiques?

We are back again! This time with another unidentified scrap object. If you have not checked out our last USO, check it out here for the snippet and here for the reveal.   Bellow you will find a fraction of the object we found recycled in the scrap pile this month.         […]

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