Container Service

United Recycling & Container is a full-service construction and demolition (C&D) recycler and has been servicing the Snohomish and King County, Washington areas for over 20 years. Because we offer container service, as well as operate a permitted recycling facility, our customers have several options to efficiently and cost effectively recycle their materials.

United Recycling & Container provides container service for construction projects, manufacturing facilities and industrial operations. Our execution and dedication to on-time performance and quick response is what separates United Recycling & Container from our competitors. Our container delivery system is safe and efficient. The “hook” delivery system allows United Recycling & Container to place containers in locations conventional cable-style providers simply cannot even attempt. Trust our professional drivers to perform your service safely. A well-maintained container will be safely delivered to your location and set on wood skids to protect the ground surface below.recycling container with doors

You no longer have to sort your construction, warehouse or yard waste, or make multiple trips to the transfer station. United Recycling & Container takes care of everything.

  1. We drop off a large recycle container at your site.
  2. You fill the container (minimum 90% recyclable materials).
  3. We pick up the container, with no sorting required on your end.
  4. We make sure we leave the area clean, where the container was placed.
  5. We haul the container to our facility and begin processing the materials for recycling.

United Recycling & Container then sorts the materials at our recycling facility in Snohomish. We separate the wood, metal, concrete, cardboard, plastic and other materials, diverting them from the landfill. We are continually identifying new markets, so our list of accepted materials continues to expand.

Recycling construction material and other manufacturing and industrial waste is environmentally responsible and makes economic sense. Recycling materials reduces landfill waste, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, creates new jobs and is always more cost effective than a public dump. When you also consider the time saved from taking multiple truckloads to a disposal center or transfer station, container service is a great choice.

Click here to learn about the various sizes of containers available.

Visit our News page to watch videos of container service in action!

Not sure if Container Service is right for your project? Call us — we’re happy to discuss your needs and help you gather the information you need to make a decision.