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congrats curt fix

Captain Curt – Retired Driver

First Driver United Recycling Hired is Retiring – Thanks Curt After 18 years at United Recycling, Curt, the first driver we hired, is retiring. We are so happy that Curt chose to spend the last 18 years with us. He is a talented and kind person that United Recycling was more than happy to have. […]

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USO Reveal: World’s Fair Tray

We are a little late to the party! Our object reveal is coming in a few days after a very busy, and seemingly short, April. But we are back! Back to bring you the reveal of the Unidentified Scrap Object. If you have not seen our last post, this is the time to go check […]

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USO: A Fair Snippet

Welcome back to another installation of the Unidentified Scrap Object (USO). If this is the first time you are checking out our USO blog, let me tell you about what we do here. Each month we find a cool and interesting object in our scrap yard. We post a snippet picture of it and give […]

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construction and demolition recycling

USO Reveal: Helixophile?

  You never know what you will find in a recycling facility. We get in construction and demolition recycling, so many times that means entire homes. Homes always have a history, even when they are sitting in a recycling facility. That is why each month we bring you a new cool object we found in […]

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Recycling cubes

USO Reveal: Recycling Cubed

Unidentified Scrap Object: Recycling History   Welcome back! It’s that time, time to let you all in on the secret. Last week we posted a distorted picture of an object we found in our yard. To check that out click here. Each month we bring you a cool object we found in our yard. We give […]

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KC graph

Construction and Demolition: King County’s Rule

New Rules for C&D Debris Solid waste facilities in King County will no longer take construction and demotion debris. Yep, you read that right. In November King County began and new rule about construction and demolition debris. The new rule hopes to curve greenhouse emissions by falling in line with SCAP (Strategic Climate Action Plan). So where can […]

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