USO: C and D Recycling more than you think


Welcome back to another installment in the Unidentified Scrap Object monthly blog. Never seen one of our Unidentified Scrap Object blogs before? No problem! Check out our past one here. Each month we will bring you an interesting object we find in our scrap yard. And while we get mostly C and D recycling, this often includes entire homes that are dropped here. Which means we can find a whole lot of interesting objects. We try hard to get you any history on the object, if there is any.

Not just a C and D Recycling Center

Here is how it works: Each month we will post a snippet picture of the object. We then give you a week or so to try and figure out what the object is. We encourage you to let us know in the comments. Look back the following week on our website, or our Facebook, to see the reveal of the object. So without further ado, here is our snippet this month.

C and D Recycling









United Recycling is a C and D recycling facility located in Snohomish Washington.


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