Earn Built Green Points with Our Recycling Facility & Recycled Products

built greenBuilt Green® is non-profit 501(c)6 organization providing a certification structure and support system for environmentally friendly single and multi-family residential projects. Built Green is part of the Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties, based in Bellevue, WA. Built Green is focused on setting standards and education to help make an impact on housing, health and the environment.

The Built Green program is a voluntary program that requires builders and developers to follow a specific set of criteria to earn status as a “Built Green” home or community. All projects require third party verification. For a complete list of certification options and related checklists, visit the Built Green website.

United Recycling & Container helps builders and developers earn points towards their Built Green Certification by recycling construction debris (wood, metal, plastics, gypsum and brush) and using recycled products (crushed recycled concrete and crushed recycled asphalt) in their project. Because our recycling facility operates at a 90+% recycling rate, builders can earn the most points possible.

The major categories of certification include:

  • Green Codes/Built Green Team
  • Site and Water
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Health & Indoor Air Quality
  • Material Efficiency
  • Operation, Maintenance & Homeowner Education
  • Built Green Brand Promotion

Specifically, builders and developers can earn points in the following areas in the Single-Family New Construction Certification Checklist when they partner with United Recycling & Container:

Section 1: Built Green Team
Item 1-1 / 1 – 10 points / Use Built Green® members

Section 2: Site & Water
Site Protection – Eliminate Water Pollutants during Construction
Item 2-46 / 1 point / Do not bury construction waste
Item 2-47 / 1 point / Establish and maintain a single stabilized construction entrance (quarry spall, crushed rock or concrete)

Section 5: Materials Efficiency
Recycling – Commingle Recycling
Item 5-38 / 24 points / Send at least 90% of job site waste (by weight, excluding concrete) to a commingle recycling facility with a 90% recycling rate
Design and Material Selection – Foundation
Item 5-58 / 2 points / Use recycled concrete, asphalt, or glass cullet for base or fill

Our team routinely meets with builders and the third party verifier to review the project plan to ensure as many points are earned as possible. We also welcome third party verifiers to visit our facility to see the extent of the materials we recycle, enabling us to achieve the consistent 90%+ recycling rate. Schedule your tour today!

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