USO REVEAL! Scrap is a bright idea

Unidentified Scrap Object Reveal!

Welcome to February! Yes, I know, I am late getting the Unidentified Scrap Object reveal to you, but to say things have been busy would be an understatement. But have no fear! I have not abandoned you and today we reveal what the USO from last week is. Scroll down to find out…



















A Delta Power King 12 Volt Lantern.




Scrap Lantern  Scrap Lantern  Scrap Lantern Scrap Lantern  Scrap Lantern Scrap Lantern



What is really exciting, at least for history nerds like myself, is that I was able to find some old ads from magazines that had this lantern in them!



Scrap Lantern adScrap lantern


Both of these ads were run in the 50’s, and on the smaller one, which is from popular mechanics, you can see it was run in October of 1950. The long one was run in the Life magazine on June 17th in 1957. The ads claim that the lantern “shoots light 1/4th of a mile”, which is pretty impressive. Not much else could be found about this object, though what I did find was very interesting. If you have any other information let us know in the comments!


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