Same Scrap Yard, New Year

Same Scrap Yard New Year

Welcome to the New Year! We hope you all had a great and safe New Years and a productive first month of 2016. We are excited to show you our first Unidentified Scrap Object from our scrap yard for 2016.


With the New Year we have gotten a whole host of crazy objects in our scrap yard. Even though current scrap metal prices are low, people are still looking at their junk and thinking, “scrap it!” This allows us to bring you our monthly Unidentified Scrap Object blog! Each month we will show you a fragment of a picture of some type of scrap object. The next week we will then reveal the object! You can check out last months USO here.

We encourage you to leave comments with your guesses. You can also find us on Facebook and keep up with our blogs and never miss a USO post.


Here is this month’s USO:

Scrap Yard


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