Pallet & Palette – Customer Feedback (VIDEO)

In the video below, Trent, owner of Pallet & Palette, provides feedback on his experience working with United Recycling & Container. This video was captured on one of his job sites in Seattle. He explains four main reasons he continues to partner with us to haul and recycle debris from his remodeling projects.


Ease of Container Deployment

Pallet & Palette typically has multiple Seattle projects going on at the same time, often in different phases/stages. Trent appreciates the ease of deploying a recycling container — meaning he texts his requests to his sales rep, Morgan. Morgan works with our dispatcher to make sure the containers are on-site when requested. By text, Trent provides the address, type of project, date he needs the container delivered, as well as the estimated quantity and type of materials that will be recycled. This is the information Morgan needs to ensure the right size containers are deployed to the projects on time. In some instances, Morgan visits the sites ahead of time, to look at any special circumstances/needs (for example, space limitations, to estimate debris quantities, determine placement of container for most efficient use, etc.).

Billing Simplicity

Pallet & Palette keeps their credit card on file with us, so we process payments automatically. Each month, we provide a breakdown by project of the costs, so Trent can allocate accordingly between his jobs. This is exactly the information Trent needs to support his accounting — and is simple.

Clients Want Green Options

Trent explains that most of his clients ask very early in the process about recycling and “green options”. This can include a discussion both about the pallet & palette seattlematerials being used in the remodel project, as well as the debris generated. Because Pallet & Palette partners with United Recycling for hauling, Trent can assure his clients that 90% or more of the debris will be recycled.

During the “tear out” phase of a remodel project, all of the concrete, asphalt, brush, wood, plastics, and metal that are torn out or removed, are recycled. During the “put back” phase, in addition to the materials already listed, new gypsum sheetrock can also be recycled. Because United Recycling & Container is an approved recycling facility by Seattle Public Utilities, Pallet & Palette and their clients enjoy the peace of mind that their materials are recycled responsibly. Plus, there is also much less paperwork required to meet the Seattle recycling requirements.

Efficient & Cost Effective

Having a container on a Pallet & Palette Seattle job site is much more efficient and cost-effective than other options. This means Trent’s crews are not making daily/weekly trips with their pick-up trucks to haul waste. With a container on-site, they can focus on value-added tasks that advance the project. In addition, the homeowner (and their neighbors) appreciate the tidiness that a container provides.

This efficiency translates into a cost-effective solution, both for Pallet & Palette and their clients. Plus, when the crew works faster, the client can enjoy their remodeled home sooner.

About Pallet & Palette Seattle

Pallet & Palette focuses on high-end remodeling in Seattle. Because of limited space for new development in Seattle, many homeowners prefer to remodel their existing home, rather than move (finish a basement, add a second story, push out the back, re-do bathrooms and kitchens, add a cottage, etc.). Pallet & Palette takes great care in providing quality work, as well as making spaces people love to live in. For more information and their contact information, visit

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