FED EXCAVATION – Customer Feedback (VIDEO)


We’d like to introduce you to Pat, owner of FED EXCAVATION. We’re going to ask Pat a few questions about his business, as well as his experience working with United Recycling.
Pat: Hi, my name is Pat Federspiel, my company is FED EXCAVATION, and we do site work, demolition, excavation and pretty much all utility work. We primarily do high-end custom homes. It is kind-of our little niche and segment I’ve focused on. When I say high-end, some of these homes are $20-30 million and some of the site work packages we provide are in excess of a million dollars for a single home. Some of the houses we tear down, I’d dream of living in. But for whatever reason, these clients decide that their 7,000 square foot house needs to go and they need to put up a 12,000 square foot house.

How important is RECYCLING to your clients?
Pat: Virtually every project we work on requires that the demolition debris is recycled. We typically utilize United Recycling for all of our container needs, that can vary from hauling and disposal of concrete, brush and demolition debris.

Why United Recycling & Container?
Pat: Trust me, I’ve used virtually everyone, I’ve tried in the past to utilize facilities that are closer to my job sites for faster turnaround times and each and every time it just hasn’t worked out. It’s all about consistency, productivity and being able to assume and predict how long a job is going to take. And with United Recycling, I am able to do that. And that’s what makes me efficient and my crews efficient, is being able to make that prediction, attach the appropriate estimated numbers to that and going forward.

And …
Pat: The reason I use United Recycling exclusively now, is because Bruce and his staff do exactly what they say they are going to do. If I ask for 1 truck and 2 containers, he tells me exactly when they can do it, when they’re going to show up and how fast he thinks we’ll get it done. And he’s there with me, even if we estimate 6 containers and it goes to 8 containers, he follows all the way through and adjusts his schedule and makes sure I am done and complete before he moves on to the next thing. And this saves me excavator time, crew time because I can establish exactly when I am going to start with the demolition and when I am going to finish with the demolition. And it minimizes the amount of excavator hours we are going to be on site.

How about our drivers?
Pat: Drivers are fantastic! I’ve had drivers out on Saturdays, I’ve had them late into the evenings, they’ve all been personable, put the containers exactly where we want them, they’re very careful, they don’t damage things. All of your drivers have been fantastic.

Thanks, Pat! We appreciate your feedback!


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