Roll Off Container Service – Mercer Island (VIDEO)

To show an example of the roll off container service we provide, we put together this short video, showing our driver unloading containers from a barge on Mercer Island. Our customer needed to access his job site from the water, so we coordinated (and yes, it took A LOT of coordination between our dispatcher, our drivers, the contractor and the barge team) the containers to be loaded on a barge at the boat launch. Our first priority was safety. In addition, our service needed to be efficient to minimize the time we used the boat launch, as well as to keep the cost down of the barge services for our customer.

We coordinated to unload the containers when they returned a few days later, again at the boat launch, and hauled them back to our recycling facility in Maltby, on the South side of Snohomish. Our team was at the boat launch when the barge arrived, ready to work!

This video is of the UNLOADING of the containers from the barge. The most amazing part of this event was the precision of our hook truck driver. For each of the containers he unloaded – he was on and off the barge in less than 2 minutes EVERY SINGLE TIME! In fact, the average time it took to remove a container from the barge was only 1 minute and 53 seconds. This is impressive and demonstrates the skill and experience of our driver, as well as the efficiency of the roll off container service we provide.

Dan McAuliffe, CEO of United Recycling & Container said, “I am extremely proud of my team for their planning and collaboration on this job. Our goal is always to provide exceptional service and I believe we did just that!”

We invite you to watch this short video to see the barge unloaded in just 33 seconds!

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