Snohomish Recycling Center– Keeping it Clean!

snohomish recycling centerAt our Snohomish recycling center, we take pride in keeping our grounds clean.  On a very regular basis, you will see our orange street sweeper in action, as well as staff pushing magnet rollers across the asphalt.  We work hard to make sure trucks get in and out of our facility quickly, including our hook trucks, as well as customer trucks.  Specifically, we dedicate staff and equipment in both our North yard, South yard and our office, to ensure trucks can unload and get loaded as efficiently as possible.  If the areas are cluttered with debris or there is a truck in the way with a flat tire, it is inefficient and inconvenient for everyone — and definitely not in alignment with our service goals.

As you might imagine, trucks loaded with construction and demolition debris, roofing and brush are messy, and it happens that some loads have nails and miscellaneous metals that can cause problems. It is important to us to proactively keep our Snohomish recycling center as clean as possible to avoid any slowdowns.  You might think keeping our facility clean is an uphill battle and a never ending task … so why would we keep doing it?  We do it because our customers appreciate coming to a clean and efficient facility, and it is one of the reasons they keep coming back.

We also take the responsibility upon ourselves as we move throughout the facility (employees and customers alike), that if we see something that needs attention, we handle it immediately (for example picking up a nail if we see it), or let someone know, so that it can be taken care of.  This sense of pride also spills over into other aspects of our business, such as:

  • Our drivers taking the time to place wood skids under the roll-off recycling containers to protect the customer site;
  • Paving more areas of our yard to keep dust down and making it easier to keep clean, most recently paving our metals yard; and
  • Washing our trucks daily, even though we realize they will probably just get dirty again tomorrow!

Our goal is to operate a facility that customers want to visit.  If you are not a customer, we invite you to become one!  Wondering what you can recycle at our Snohomish recycling center?  Visit this page to learn more.  We also invite you to connect with us on Facebook – we keep a pulse on the green building industry, as well as fun recycling stories and community information.


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