Recycling Container Service – Photo Gallery

Because we provide a service – specifically recycling container service – we enjoy seeing photos of our containers “at work” for our customers.

We are always on the lookout for our (usually red) containers around the Greater Seattle area. In an effort to show the variety of ways a recycling container can be used in a construction environment, we have compiled a group of photos below, showing the containers in different locations, on different kinds of jobs, providing an essential service for our customers.

As you will see in this photo gallery, there is a mix of residential and commercial uses, in a variety of remodeling, demolition and new construction projects. These are all project based uses — meaning our recycling container will be on site only for the period of time needed. When the container is full, we pick it up or swap it with an empty container if needed, so the project stays on pace. This provides great flexibility for the contractor. It also helps keep the job site clean and organized, keeping our customer and any neighboring homes/businesses happy.

In a future post, we will share photos related to other types of recycling container service – service for manufacturing, retail and industrial operations that need ongoing, regular service (not project based).  This is an aspect of recycling that is less visible, but equally important to our environment and keeping recyclable materials out of the landfill.

Recycling Container Service Examples

Commercial Construction – Lynnwood, WA

recycling container service Lynnwood

Land Clearing – Snohomish, WA

recycling container service Snohomish

Land Clearing – Mercer Island, WA via Barge

recycling container service Mercer Island

Residential Demolition – Seattle, WA

recycling container service Ballard

Residential Demolition – Bellevue, WA

recycling container service Bellevue

Land Clearing – Sultan, WA

recycling container service Sultan

Residential Demolition – Redmond, WA

recycling container service Redmond

Commercial Demolition – Lynnwood, WA

recycling container service  Lynnwood

Residential Remodel – Seattle, WA

recycling container service Seattle

Residential New Construction – Kirkland, WArecycling container service Kirkland


Are you interested in recycling container service? Call us at 360-668-4300 – we’d love to discuss your project!

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