Roll Off Container “Swap” (VIDEO)

Curious what a roll off container “swap” is? Watch this brief video and see an example of a roll off recycling container “swap” at a residential demolition project in Redmond, WA.

The United Recycling & Container (URC) hook truck arrives, speaks briefly with the customer to find out where he needs the container, then “drops” (unloads) the empty roll off container for the demolition contractor to load. The URC driver inspects the contents of the full container already on site, then loads it on the hook truck. Once the container is loaded on the truck, the driver cleans up the area where the container was sitting (sweeping concrete/asphalt areas, picking up loose materials, etc.), ensuring the area is left as clean as possible for the customer. The driver then tarps the load. The container is hauled back to URC’s recycling facility in Snohomish, WA, dumped, then processed for recycling. For this project, as fast as the demolition contractor could load a container, the URC hook truck was back with an empty roll off container to swap. Our roll off container service supports the demolition contractor in efficient use of space and keeps the project moving!

We invite you to open an account and schedule roll off container service, r call 360-668-4300 to speak with a recycling expert.

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