Container Service w/a Hook Truck (VIDEO)

Watch as a United Recycling & Container hook truck efficiently and safely loads a full roll-off container at a customer site in Issaquah, WA. The truck backs in at an angle and “hooks” the container, allowing for it to be loaded more quickly and easily.

Container service for recyclables (wood, metal, cardboard, plastics, etc.) is a cost effective solution for many types of businesses, including retail, warehouses, manufacturers, distributors and more. There is no need to sort the materials, just fill the container!

There are many terms used to describe recycling containers — some of which include: roll-off dumpster, drop box, roll-off container, C&D recycling container …. but the purpose is the same. The purpose is to provide an efficient and safe means of removing waste from construction sites and other facilities and haul the materials to a recycling facility like ours in Snohomish, WA. Are you curious if container service might be beneficial for your next project? Call us – we’d love to answer your questions and help you find the best solution.


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