United Recycling & Container listed as Certified Mixed-Waste Recycling Facility by Seattle Public Utilities

certified recycler SPUSeattle Public Utilities (SPU) now lists United Recycling & Container as a Certified Facility for Mixed-Waste Recyclers and Disposal Facilities. SPU adopted new requirements for new construction, remodeling and demolition activities in Seattle in January 2014, specifying that certain materials must be recycled. Specifically, Seattle Municipal Code 21.36.089 prohibits the disposal of unpainted concrete and asphalt paving, whole bricks, metal, cardboard, and new construction gypsum scrap.

In addition, SPU developed a program to certify recycling activities at receiving and processing facilities that demonstrate compliance with the requirements. To earn the “Facility Certification”, the facilities must be:

  • Permitted by the local health jurisdiction;
  • Submit reports to SPU; and
  • Participate in independent testing of the residuals from sorting operations to ensure the material going to a landfill does not contain a significant amount of banned materials.

Although contractors are not required to use a “Certified Facility” (they can use other facilities/haulers and are required to submit supporting documentation), contractors who deliver C&D materials to these facilities (or have their materials hauled by and/or to these facilities) are considered in compliance with SPU’s requirements.

seattle public utilitiesAccording to reports submitted to SPU, United Recycling & Container had a recycling rate of 83% for September 2014. This means that of all of the materials coming out of United Recycling & Container, 83% of the materials are recycled and 17% ended up in a landfill. This exceeds the recycling rate of all other current Certified Facilities on the SPU list.

President, Dan McAuliffe explained, “We are extremely proud of our operations and the recycling rate we are able to achieve. It is from the hard work of all of our team members and our ability to continually find new markets for materials, that we are exceeding the requirements of Seattle Public Utilities.”

To learn more about recycling at United Recycling & Container, call 360-668-4300.

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