Results From Our Seattle Public Utilities C&D Recycling Facility Audit

SeattleGovLogo 70As a full service recycling facility, we haul and receive recyclable materials from a variety of locations throughout King and Snohomish Counties every day. The materials we process include construction and demolition debris, wood, broken concrete and asphalt, drywall, metals, plastics, brush and yard debris, cardboard and more. We take pride in our operation and are constantly looking for and testing new ways to sort materials in the most efficient way – always trying to minimize the amount of waste.


In July 2014 we participated in our first spontaneous audit by Seattle Public Utilities, as part of their due diligence for certifying Construction & Demolition (C & D) Recycling Facilities. In order to validate that United Recycling & Container is in compliance with the Seattle Public Utilities 2014 requirements, we had to demonstrate that the percentage of banned materials in our waste did not exceed 10%. The materials that are banned from disposal by Seattle Public Utilities are: asphalt paving, bricks, concrete, metal and new gypsum board over 6 inches, and cardboard over 8 inches. Meaning, after we process and sort the materials, in what is left over as waste (garbage), less than 10% could be banned materials (items listed above).


The findings of this audit confirm our processes and attention to detail – we had less than 1% of banned materials in our waste. We exceeded their requirement and are thrilled to have this 3rd party confirmation of our efforts.  This audit demonstrates that we meet this requirement to be listed as a certified recycling facility for the City of Seattle.

What does this mean for our customers?

Our customers (whether we are providing container service or they are hauling materials to us) can feel confident that we are handing the materials at our recycling facility with the highest integrity, keeping as much recyclable material out of the landfills as possible. Also, for developers and general contractors working on Built Green and LEED certified homes and commercial projects, United Recycling & Container is the high quality recycling service that they can rely on.

Keep an eye out for what is next from us — validation of our work like this drives us to continue to find ways to keep even more materials out of the landfills.

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